Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - The Start

The final jigsaw puzzle has been completed.  It is time now to quit this foolishness and get back to my crafts - quilting, stitching, and knitting.  I have thoroughly enjoyed putting puzzles together this holiday season and will look forward to more puzzling perhaps on vacation (what about it MB?), and the 2011 holiday season.

Lest you think I have done nothing else, I have started three new counted cross-stitch projects.  Why three?  Why not three?  It will keep me from getting bored with one project (of course I have several other non-finishes hiding in baskets - but we won't talk about those) and I have a lot of Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage patterns in my stash that I am anxious to do.

I suppose you noticed that when I say I "started" that one is coming along nicely, one has the beginning of the border and a snowflake, and the last has one tiny little border line.  Well, it's a start!

Today I shall work on these pieces and perhaps do a little more knitting on my scarf.  As for quilting - I still have the cutting table to clear off and a lot of putting away to do.  It will be an all day project, so I am saving that for Monday.

Right now I am very optimistic about the new year and all that I hope to accomplish.  Lots of bloggers list all of the projects they hope to complete in the new year, but my list is so long that I might crash Blogger.  True! So I will spare you the details.  One of my goals this year is to blog more often - use my blog as an on-going journal of my projects - so you will see plenty of projects as the year progresses.

A big THANK YOU to all you bloggers out there that inspire me on a daily basis.  My Google "Reader" list is long because there are so many wonderful quilters and stitchers that I count as my Internet friends.

OK..........time to go get started on my long list of projects.............

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Caryl W said...

Happy New Year Bonnie!! I enjoy following you!