Sunday, January 2, 2011


So many quilters and stitcher's blogs are listing all their goals for 2011.  There are challenges and groups to join.  There are lists and inspirations galore.  Frankly, I'm jealous.  My quilt studio and my cutting table are such a mess I can't even find the UFO's to make a list.  I feel like I have been left behind in the dust. Tomorrow though - ah yes tomorrow - I plan to clean up that cutting table, clean the quilt studio, organize all the unfinished projects, make a list, and move forward along with all the other ambitious quilters.

As for my stitching, I have the three projects which I showed yesterday along with my unfinished Christmas At Hawk Run Hollow.  Those are the only UFO's in the stitching category.  Of course I have lots and lots of patterns, some even kitted, but those are my backup in case I get snowed in for the rest of the winter.

Today, being Sunday, most of my day is taken up with church activities and lunch with the family.  Once I got home I had to do the Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper, check email, and work on an article for the church newsletter.  Then I finally settled down for a some stitching time and made a little progress on "Reading" as you can see in the picture below.

Yes, I am jealous of those more organized than I am, but the remedy will come tomorrow when you can see the dust flying from my house.  If you hear reports of a whirlwind, check to see if it is northwest of Chicago.

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