Friday, August 27, 2010

New Tool

This combination magnifier and light was advertised in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and since the price was within reason, I decided to purchase it. It says "fits most sewing machines". Guess what - it didn't fit mine. Errrrgh. Well, it does "fit", but the magnifier and the light were at the wrong angle. I would have to lower my chair so much that my arms would be below the machine. I decided I would have to send it back. I hated to give up though and I finally tried this solution............
I turned it sideways and then I could adjust the magnifier and light to the right angle to see through when my chair is in the normal high position. YES. It makes it a whole lot easier for me to thread my machine - and hopefully will help me sew a straighter line.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Table Runner finished

The table runner I made the other day is now all quilted and bound.
(Pattern - Little Charmers IV by Heather Mulder Peterson
for Anka's Treasures)

Although the deep colors are good for Fall, it came out darker than I had wanted, so to make it sparkle a little I added some crystals.

The reverse side is a nice yellow with red flowers which I could use in the Spring.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Table runner

Sewing was low on my priority list this week as I have been fighting a sore throat and the accompanying lack of energy/ambition that goes along with being sick.

Today though I put together a simple table runner using 5" squares. I had a package of Moda squares in my stash and they worked well for the pattern.

For the backing I think I will use the yellow flower print so that I can use one side for Fall and one side for Spring. The red will be the binding.
This was a good project for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy 9 patch - again

Along came a spider.........This big black spider has been appearing in my Quilt Studio day after day in a different spot. I'm much too squeamish to step on it, and besides, stepping on it would leave a spot on the carpet. Picking it up with a paper towel was out of the question. The poor spider wasn't doing anything except sitting there, so I left him alone.

My quilting friends know that one of my favorite patterns is the crazy 9-patch. I took a break from my black and white quilt to make this quick table topper of blue 9-patches, trying to use up some stash fabric.

This wonderful batik will be the backing and the binding.

Oh, and about the spider...............I kept carefully walking around Blackie, and then the phone rang. I went running to answer it. Oops. I turned around and looked. Oh no! I had been so careful all day not to step on Blackie and at a thoughtless moment my big foot ended Blackie's life here on earth. I then had to remove the squished body with a paper towel. Ick.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In progress.......

Since it is hot and humid where I live, the cool basement Quilt Studio seemed a nice place to spend some time today. All the blocks were completed for this black and white quilt when I was on my quilt retreat and now I am slowly sewing the blocks together. The two top rows got sewn today.
I have a great border planned. I'm hoping that my plans are as wonderful when completed as they are in my imagination.

To my family and friends I would like to tell you that any time you see a quilt on my blog that you would like for yourself or for a gift or for a special charity, please tell me. I cannot possibly use all the quilts I make and I am more than happy to give them away. A few years ago I had so many quilts stacked up that my cousin found a women's shelter in Indianapolis where I sent 20 of my quilts. Or if you would like a special quilt made just for you - a certain color or a certain pattern - ask me! If the pattern is too hard for my skills, I might suggest something else. Even quilts I make especially for my house or my beds I would be willing to give away to a family member or dear friend. I can always make more!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stash buster quilt

The binding is all done on this stash busting quilt. This picture shows the corner of the quilt and the green (with snowflakes) backing.

My friend, Moe, did the quilting. She used varigated thread, did some meandering, and also put in some wonderful feathers.

I used scraps I grabbed from my stash without thought as to any color plan. This fabric of weather vanes I purchased in an antique shop many years ago.

Here is the finished quilt. Pattern by Judy L. of and can be found on her website.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vegetables on my table.......

The LQS had this table runner kit which caught my eye because of the very real looking vegetables. I quilted it myself with a cross hatch. I use painter's blue tape and sew my straight lines beside the tape.

The finished table runner on my kitchen table. Will it inspire me to eat healthier?