Saturday, January 15, 2011

Knitted scarf done

First knitting project of 2011 finished - the curly (potato chip) scarf.

This is how it looks around my neck.  I'm glad I made the center section in plain garter stitch as it lays nicely around my neck.

It is nice and warm too on a cold winter day here in the mid-west.


Jeanne said...

Hi Bonnie!
It's nice to see you being so industrious! But I had to laugh at that puzzle detour you took the other day :)
Elvis says hi -- he's as dim-witted as ever!

MB said...

geez ... you're list is gettin' knocked off quickly!! 2011 is off to a fast start ... at this rate you'll need to be buying fabric and new projects by say, November?????

BrendaS said...

Love your new scarf. You will certainly be putting it to good use with the cold weather we are having.

Have a good week!