Monday, January 3, 2011

Cutting table cleared....

Here is my shameful cutting table piled high with Christmas quilts to be stored away, and various projects buried underneath.

All the quilts are put away and the table is cleared.

It is time to declare my list of projects I can do in 2011.  (Please note, I would not have to purchase one single thing all year long except batting - no fabric, no patterns, no books, no tools, no thread.  I have it ALL.)

13 Unfinished quilt projects in various stages of unfinishedness (new word I just made up.)
6 quilt kits
4 tools/ideas I hope to try
3 Unfinished knitting projects
5 Unfinished counted cross-stitch projects
3 other craft projects (Artist's trading cards, woolie, and a sewing project for church)

Oh my, how did this happen?  I'm really, truly going to make an effort to keep track of the above list to see what I manage to finish in 2011.  It is a challenge like never before, but I can't get any of it done sitting here in front of the computer!  

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