Friday, December 31, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Once I start a jigsaw puzzle, I can barely drag myself away from the table. Doing jigsaw puzzles is my guilty pleasure, so I try to do them only at the holiday season.  This is my New Year's Eve puzzle, only I finished it by noon today.  Oops.  So I ran out to the store and bought another puzzle which I started tonight - New Year's Eve - and will finish tomorrow morning while watching the Rose Bowl Parade.

Next week I will get back to quilting again.  The holidays are over, the puzzles will be completed, and it will be time to clear off my cutting table (that will take a day), make a list of my UFO's, and get busy making/finishing some quilts.

Happy New Year to all...........

1 comment:

MB said...

Wow ... that's adorable!! Was it a "normal" puzzle (inies and outies?) I don't recall it as a Sprinbok. Mine is still in the box. Hmmmmmm