Saturday, January 8, 2011




These shelves in my quilt studio hold beads and various other crafty supplies.  Everything was in such a mess I was afraid it would all tumble.  So I took everything off, disposed of stuff I will never use, re-organized and put it back in a neater fashion.  I also promised myself that in a year's time, whatever I have not used or needed will get eliminated.  The whole bottom shelf is beading stuff and I don't bead!  I keep buying supplies and once in a great while I might add some beads to a small quilt, but is it necessary to have a whole shelf of beads, findings, wire, and tools?

You might also note that there is a plastic container on the end with painter's blue tape.  What does this have to do with beading?  Nothing.  I use blue tape to mark lines when I quilt a quilt, and I use blue tape to tape down the layers when I am pin basting a quilt - and I have always kept the blue tape on the end of this shelf.  I didn't want to move it because I would never remember where it's new home was, so I just found a nice plastic container to make it look neat.

Neat and organized shelves make me happy.

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