Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's all my cousin's fault.

Yes, I put ANOTHER puzzle together and it is all my cousin's fault.  She sent me this puzzle which arrived in today's mail and all my plans to do some quilting got shoved aside.  I have zero resistance.

I did finish the puzzle in time to do some stitching and am almost done with this piece.
(The colors are very pale and difficult to photograph.)

My Christmas cactus is a little behind schedule and is just now beginning to show some buds.  

Like the cactus, I'm a little behind schedule, but tomorrow I'm definitely going to work on a quilting project.  Definitely.  


MB said...

That puzzle was child's play for you!! Probably had it done before you finished your lunch!!! Pass it on in your Goodwill pile.

Vonna said...

Wow...a puzzle together in one day! You rock :) Do you save your puzzles? glue them down/frame them?
I love your LHN stitching ;)