Monday, January 24, 2011

UFO #3 Finished

Topsy Turvy Santa table runner #595 by Happy Hollow Designs - from 2005 - is now finished.
For those of you who may have seen the pattern or done this little table runner you will note that I did NOT do the border and therefore the accent buttons that come with the pattern were not used.  Why?  Well, due to the fact that this is a UFO and the parts got separated and I was not paying attention to the pattern, as soon as I finished the blanket-stitching around the appliqued Santas, I layered this little piece and started doing a little machine quilting before it dawned on me that the extra fabric in the box was for the borders!  Oops.  So the cute borders and corner stones with the peppermint buttons did not become a part of this table runner.  I used the border fabric as the binding instead.

Here is a closer look at the stitching - and the reason it took me so long to get done.  That blanket stitching (by machine) around all the little pieces was tedious.
It is cute though and will make a nice decoration next Christmas.

I looked over my list of 13 UFO's I want to finish in 2011 and realized why most of them became UFO's.  They are either ready for quilting, or they have a huge problem to solve.  I need to analyze whether the project is worth fixing the problem or not.  I have done the easy UFO's, and now it is time to face the problems.  Sigh.

Looking at the above statement in a more positive manner, I have greater challenges ahead of me - more opportunities to expand my expertise.  Now, isn't that better?


Caryl W said...

tedious....but oh so cute!!!

MB said...

Make sure to give yourself permission NOT TO DO any of your UFO's. It's not easy to let yourself off the hook (or needle as it were!), but just because they're unfinished doesn't need to mean you not done with them!!! Life's too short to work on projects that don't give joy!