Monday, June 9, 2008

Stitching & Color Challenge

When we (bloggers) show pictures of our work, no one knows the agony that went into the work. This is my progress on the Butterfly Fob. The agony that went into it..... I discovered that the butterflies are done with the wrong color of floss and the beige backstitch border was almost done when I discovered two huge knots on the backside. I re-did the backstitching to eliminate the knots, but I'm not going to re-do the butterflies. They took too much precise counting to get them positioned just right. I don't need to go through that again. Since it is a fob, there is still another side to do and I will do the butterflies on that side with the correct floss. Today's color challenge is BLUE. Here is a BLUE cat in a quilt my friend made for me.
A quilty BLUE lampshade in my Quilt Studio.
A BLUE magnet to pick up those fallen pins.
A BLUE quilt carrier bag.
A turquoise BLUE woolie. And to go along with it all, I was feeling kind of BLUE today. A good night's sleep should help to change that color.

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