Monday, June 23, 2008


In my Quilt Studio I also have an area where I attempt to do some stamping and making of cards. The table very quickly gets piled high with stuff and then there is no room to work. The plastic storage bins on the side are hard to open and I don't often remember where I put different supplies. When my brother-in-law offered me an old bookcase that he was not using, I took him up on the offer. Here is my card/stamping area re-organized. I really need more shelves, but I worked with what I had and even without perfect conditions, it seems to be a better working arrangement.
The rolling plastic cart now houses unfinished quilting projects of which I have many. Unfinished projects don't make me feel as bad when they are neatly put away where I can conveniently forget them. (I'm hanging my head in shame.)


MB said...

I like VERY MUCH! It looks very professional! Who cares if it's organized? If it feels like it's organized, then it is - at least until it isn't!!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Wonderful! Jay is going to build a book shelf for me in the basement, I can't wait to be organized like you are. :-) No need to hang your head in shame, UFO's are creativity in the wings!