Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today was another of Judy's Quiltathon days. ( I decided to participate and failed miserably. Fortunately there are no Quiltathon police in my area. Just so you know, I do have wonderful excuses:
1. There was a breeze out on my back porch this morning so I grabbed my book and coffee and read while enjoying hearing the wind rustling the trees.
2. I had to answer several e-mails.
3. It was lunch time.
Finally I made my way to my Quilt Studio and started cutting out pieces for the next quilt I hope to make - a pattern by Rosie's Quilt Co. titled Come On-A My House. It uses lots of scraps and has houses, stars and trees - all things I love. About an hour into my cutting I started feeling kind of icky. I sat down at the sewing machine and made some more crumb blocks and then tried the cutting again. No way. My stomach was protesting. Was it something I ate at lunch? I'm hoping the icky feeling will go away soon.

All you Quiltathon people out there I hope you had a productive day. I will be lurking around the blogs green with envy.


Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Gosh Bonnie, I hope you are feeling ok and will get to see you on Sunday. I love the Come On A My House quilt (and the song too!)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie..hope you are feeling better. I just discovered your blog today and sent you an email.
Caryl W in San Diego

Yvonne said...

I hope you're feeling better. I love that quilt pattern. :)

Hannies Annies said...

I too hope you are feeling better! that is one nice quilt pattern!! the fabrics you show for it are very nice too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,
I loved seeing all the photos of your work. You amaze me.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at book club!