Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stitching and Quilting

Last night I took a stitching class taught by my friend, Brenda. She is a master stitcher and I always learn something new from her. The class was for this Sweetheart Tree "Rhodes Butterfly Fob". I used a doodle cloth for the class and did fairly well. Today I started in on the project and had a difficult time. I understand how to do the stitches, but the fabric is 32 count and I do not have good eye sight. After making many mistakes, I tore it all out and started over again. With my face plastered against the magnifying glass, I was extremely careful to double check each stitch. This tiny bit of stitching took me several hours. Here is a close-up. Not perfect, but acceptable, and since it is teeny tiny, I don't think I will get arrested by the stitching police.
It was a relief to stop stitching and make some easy four-patches for the Road to Indy quilt. I was disappointed with the green row. I wanted more of a kelly green, but since I'm taking the fabric from my stash, this was the only solid looking green I could find.
The green fabric below is a lighter and more kelly green, but it has lime green hearts also. I'm not sure how it will look, but I may give it a try tomorrow. The blue batik fabric is one I am considering for the outer border. I will probably make a 1-inch inner border using one of the darker solid fabrics from the quilt.
Would anyone like to offer some opinions or advice? It is always welcome!

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Jeanne said...

Hi Bonnie,
I think the bright green might be fine! It's a little perkier than the pine green you have on the design wall.