Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilt Day - Part Two

(See prior post for first part of my Quiltathon day.)

After coming home from the wedding shower I got back to work on this charity quilt. Our quilt guild is making these simple quilts for a hospice organization. It is composed of ten 4-1/2 strips which you quilt along the seams and at 6 inch intervals across the quilt. The binding is sewn on the back, brought around to the front and secured with a decorative stitch. It is nice to have once project crossed off my list.Tomorrow is a busy day and I probably won't get home until late afternoon, but I hope to work on my half-square triangles for the Quilt-Along.

Elliot patiently waits in the chair behind my sewing table while I concentrae on my quilting.

And Rudi sits upstairs at the kitchen table checking my Sudoku puzzles.

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