Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cats and a Meme

While I sit at the computer, the visiting cats like to keep me company. Here is Rudi in the midst of my messy desk. You can see a slice of my life lined up - a pink file box, my scotch tape dispenser under the open Bible, Rudi on the Bible, quilt tops piled up waiting for instruction sheets to send to the long-arm quilter and a seldom used piano in the background. While Rudi watches from the desk, Elliot purrs away on my lap and quite often falls asleep - and snores!
On Jeanne's Blog, she had an interesting Meme that I thought I would try. The idea is to answer all the questions using the first letter of your name.

1. What is your name: Bonnie
2. A four letter word: blog
3. A boy's name: Benjamin
4. A girl's name: Betty
5. An occupation: baker
6. A color: blue
7. Something you wear: bathrobe
8. A food: bread
9. Something found in the bathroom: blow-dryer
10. A place: bedroom
11. A reason for being late: breakdown
12. Something you shout: blast
13. A movie title: Born Free
14. Something you drink: Beer (Root Beer for me)
15. A musical group: Boston Pops Orchestra
16. An animal: bear
17. A book title: Bitter Sweets (it is on my book shelf waiting to be read)
18. A country: Belgium
19. A city: Boston
20. Something you value or believe: breathing is good

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Jeanne said...

This was fun, wasn't it?
Jeanne :)