Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last night's Bee meeting

No pictures..........sorry....... (I lied - there is a new profile picture added.)

Last night Bee was at my house but I did not take pictures. There was some outstanding Show & Tell. I am lucky enough to be in a very talented group of women.

In our discussion we brought up the new "UFO" phrase........PhD (Projects Half Done), and someone also brought up the theory of "Advance Three". In other words, you can start something new as long as you first advance the work on three of your old projects. You don't have to finish them, but make a block, or sew blocks together, or put a border on, etc.

We all think we have too many projects not completed and feel embarassed or guilty when we start something new. The idea of advancing three seemed to strike a chord with some of us last night.

I am so focused on using up my enormous stash that doing some of Judy's projects and some other stash busting things seems to be my concern lately.

Then I have three days in a row when I don't even get down to my quilt studio............ See my sad face.


Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Hi Bonnie! Thank you for hosting Bee last night. It was inspiring as always. I love the show n tell part of the evening...oh..and then the cake and tea too! :-)

mb said...

What a cute, new profile photo! It's like you're peeking at your blog visitors! A bit coy; a bit sassy ... all fun and all YOU!

Shasta said...

Your stack of red fabrics is beautiful. The Advance 3 plan sounds really good. My general rule is to finish two for every one I start, but now that I've heard this idea, I think I may substitute the Advance 3 plan for some of my finishes - either way there is progress on the older projects.