Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Pointless........

Up on the design board I slapped all the blocks for Come-On-A-My-House, ready to start sewing them all together and was dismayed to find out I was one block short. How did that happen?????? Thank goodness the whole quilt is made from scrap fabric. I found some leftover pieces from a panel and fussy-cut a piece for the center of a final sawtooth star. The process of sewing the blocks together is slow and I didn't finish today. Maybe tomorrow. There are many, many points in this quilt and because my sewing is less than perfect I think I may have to re-name the quilt to Pointless. However, from that infamous galloping horse the quilt should look pretty good.
While I worked away at the sewing machine, the visiting cats were hard at work taking a cuddly nap. Such a tough life they lead - sleep, eat, nap, purr, nap, get a treat, sleep.
Today I am grateful for -
1. Sewing time
2. Plump sweet blueberries
3. Church friends

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Melzie said...

This is going to be gorgeous :) Can't wait to see it done. What are you going to do when those cats go back home? How long do you have them for? :) xoxo melzie