Thursday, February 26, 2009


192 half-square triangles - 12 in each pile - 60 pinks, 60 greens, and 72 blues - all done for Judy's Quilt-along. I'm ready for the next step. My friend Lindsay and I are doing a Round Robin exchange and this is the center she did for the start of her round robin. It is a great start for a patriotic quilt. The next round is "squares" so I thought I would do simple small four patches or nine patches of dark blue and red. I may stick a small gold star on one of the blocks to match the gold stars of her flag.
Today I was pulling some orange fabric for a Fall quilt I want to make and I completely pulled out the drawer that houses my orange fabric. Hmmm - I had a lot more oranges than I thought but certainly a nice variety from which to pick. Elliot had to investigate the open space left by the missing drawer.

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