Monday, March 1, 2010

One sock

Finished - one sock - using Cascade 220 Paints yarn on #3 needles and free instructions found on Ravelry. Credit for the instructions go to Mary L. McCall.

Please don't look too closely as there are a few mistakes. I was really hoping to do this sock in two evenings, but alas, it took me 3 evenings and one morning. It even fits my foot! Guess I'll just have to make that second one soon so that I can wear them before Spring arrives.
Two hand-knit socks will equal Happy Feet!


BrendaS said...

Great socks! What an accomplishment. I always thought it would be fun to knit socks but I have never tried.

MB said...

Wow! I am impressed! It just looks hard to do socks and so I've never even attempted it. You know me ... simple is my game. Currently crocheting a prayer shawl on a size three thousand hook!!! Pretty "holy" shawl! :-)