Friday, March 26, 2010

Cat company

Elliot, the visiting cat, keeps me company all day long.

He waits next to Mr. Bear while I shower and get dressed for the day.
He cuddles up next to Grace (the colorful bear in my Quilt Studio) while I sew.
Comfortably resting on a side chair, he keeps a watchful eye on me as I sit at the computer.
Every where I go, Elliot comes running, my constant companion.


Caryl W said...

Elliot sounds like a great cat.
I have enjoyed the photos...I bet you will miss him when he goes home!!

Elaine said...

I think I love Elliot!! he can come to my house any day.

BrendaS said...

Oh he is so sweet! A black and white Howard cat!

MB said...

And he wakes you up whether you want to be awake or not!!! Nice that he has his sweet side too!