Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready for quilting

My dear visiting cat, Elliot, enjoys waking me up around 5:00am. After I feed him he goes downstairs, snuggles up against Grace, and sleeps the rest of the morning. I've shown this quilt top before, but today I got it out to prepare the backing and binding for quilting. Elliot decided to pose on the quilt and then I couldn't get him off to measure the size of the backing.
Here he is, unconcerned that he is in the way. I pieced the center of the backing with leftover fabric from the quilt top.
The sides of the backing are this pretty polka dot fabric.
Getting up at 5:00am means I either go to bed early or take an afternoon nap - or both! A Queen needs her beauty sleep.

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MB said...

Ok, that shot of Elliott and Grace is adorable!!! Funny how he chose that spot and companion. He may be an irritant at 5 am, (no "may be" about it!), but he provides lots of laughs and "ahs".