Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knitting finishes and starts

Last night I finished a scarf that I started knitting last year when my sister was going through re-hab in a nursing home. Knitting this scarf kept my hands busy during my visits and kept me from going crazy when her roommates interrupted our conversations or had the TV much too loud. I was in the mood to knit last night and decided to finish up this simple scarf. Made with inexpensive yarn (Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends) purchased at JoAnn's, the pink yarn is extremely soft and will be very comfortable around some one's neck. It will go on the "mitten" tree at church next Christmas.Feeling good that I actually finished an old knitting project, I stopped today at a new knit shop that opened in my town. It is a lovely shop with beautiful yarns. I bought this colorful Cascade "Paints" yarn and intend to make a pair of socks.
It is a wool yarn, heavier than regular sock yarn, but I wanted to use #3 needles. My knitting experience includes knitting only one sock and that sock I accidentally knitted inside out which is not easy to do. We all learn from our mistakes though and I'm confident that this pretty yarn will yield a comfortable pair of socks.


MB said...

That ball of yarn is darn near too pretty to touch! What a delightful pattern of criss-crossing colors. Oh, ok, go ahead and make the socks ... bet they'll be pretty too!

Carol said...

Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog--I do appreciate it and I'm happy to have found your wonderful creations here at your blog... You have many talents! Looking forward to visiting more often :)