Monday, February 22, 2010

Adding, subtracting, adding

This simple quilt has been hidden away in a plastic tub awaiting my fabulous design idea. Long story made short - it didn't work. My fabulous design idea took me hours and hours of work and in the end I undid everything and simply added some random buttons instead.The buttons show up much better in person, but you can see a dot or two here and there.
Here is a closeup of my highly unique "put a button at the cross-hatch" idea. It will make it a smidge* more interesting when it hangs on the wall.
On the stitching front, I'm working on block #7 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow and enjoying stitching the evergreen trees.
*(By the way, Spell-checker tells me there is no such word as "smidge". Really? I use it all the time. Have I failed my English class again?)


MB said...

ooooh ... love the colors of that quilt!! How long has that been stashed away? Where did you hang it? The stitching piece is also adorable! And I agree that "smidge" is a perfect word! My dictionary likes "Smidgen" and I'm thinking that "smidge" is short for "smidgen" ... works for me!

Littlebit said...

Beautiful quilt!! Beautiful stitching!! I can hardly wait to start on that one..I'm still trying to finish up on Village.

Shasta said...

yep, I went to and it says that smidge is a word, short for smidgen. Just to make you feel better, spell check doesn't think that sashing is a word either.