Friday, February 5, 2010


Today I HAD to do the laundry - no putting it off for another day. So I trudged downstairs, sorted my dirty clothes, and began the process. Since I haven't been working down in the basement lately, my Quilting Studio has become a dumping ground and was a total mess. I do not like messy rooms. I like to be organized and neat. While the washing machine chugged away, I began the process of cleaning up, putting away, and organizing the Quilt Studio. At first it was overwhelming.

I reminded myself that you can only do one thing at a time, and therefore I picked up one thing and put it away. Then another. Then another. Little by little the surfaces got cleared off and order was beginning to be restored.

As I organized I also made a list. Mind you, I have made thousands of lists, but this was going to be the ultimate list and would be recorded on an Excel spreadsheets, printed out and put in a notebook titled "Projects". How could I not get things done that are so highly organized as to be recorded on a spreadsheet and housed in a lovely 3-ring binder?

There are:

Quilt Projects
7 projects almost ready for quilting (needing backings and/or bindings)
6 quilts ready to be quilted
14 unfinished quilt projects in various stages

Counted Cross-Stitch Projects
10 completed CC-S projects needing finishing (pillows, wall hangings, and/or framing)
15 Little House Needleworks patterns/kits ready to start
10 other CC-S patterns/kits ready to start
5 CC-S projects started

5 projects in various stages of completion - three scarves, one sweater, one shawl

Other crafts
1 wool project (wool purchased) not even designed yet.
ATCs promised for the next five months

Uncounted and not in the inventory are various plastics bins and tote bags into which I did not even look because I was already stressed enough.

Have you seen the program "Hoarders" on A & E? I'm not a hoarder, but I am a "UFOer" and perhaps I need help.

At least I got the laundry done. : )

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Littlebit said...

Would you mind coming and organizing MY stuff like that? :-) It always is such a wonderful feeling when it's done.