Monday, February 1, 2010

same old...........

Happy February First
I'm working on the same old stuff.............the blue quilt and
stitching on CaHRH and knitting on the pink scarf.
The reason none of these projects have advanced very far is because I have a LOT of other activities that occupy my time:
1. I read a lot - books and magazines.
2. I'm currently watching The West Wing DVDs again for the 3rd time.
3. I attend a lot of church activities.
4. I spend way too much time reading blogs.
5. I do an inordinate amount of Sudoku puzzles.
6. I sleep a good 8 hours every night.
7. I eat three meals a day and take time for 142 snacks.
8. I write lots of emails to family and friends.
9. I sit around and think up excuses for not getting things done.


Brenda said...

Love your little February wallhanging. You're making good progress on CaHRH. I will be anxious to see it IRL.

Have a great day!


Shasta said...

LOL - I've got the same problem. Too much fun stuff to do and not enough time to do it.