Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Arrangement

2010 begins....... A chance to start again - or per Mr. Snowman below, a clean sweep.
Ever since I retired I have been disappointed in myself that I am not getting as much quilting done as I thought would happen. I have a lovely Quilt Studio in my basement, but I have to push myself to go down there and get moving on a project. I don't know if it is because of the basement itself where it is cave-like, or because it is cold in the basement, or because I'm just not that excited about quilting. Many times I have thought about moving my sewing upstairs to see if that would make a difference in my productivity.

After putting my Christmas decorations away, I decided to re-arrange all my living room/dining room furniture with the thought that I might sew in this area. The sofa ended up in the dining room.
The dining room table was therefore moved to the living room by the front window. I can put my sewing machine where there is light and where I can watch the world while I work. My window faces north and therefore I don't get direct sunshine, but just enough light to see my work better. I don't know if this arrangement will inspire me to sew more, but I will try it for a month or more. Of course it means bringing up the iron, creating a cutting space, etc. Already I can think of problems and may end up being happy with my studio downstairs. We shall see.
My stitching chair remains in the usual spot but the little chest from the dining room now sits beside the chair.

Every year for the holidays I allow myself to put some jigsaw puzzles together - one of my very favorite things to do. This year I found a box of 10 puzzles (Walmart) and finished the last one this morning while watching the Rose Parade.
A lot of people are suggesting that 2010 should be the year of tens. Ten resolutions for me (if I made them, which I'm not) would be:
1. Eat less
2. Exercise more
3. Quilt more
4. Stitch more
5. Write more
6. Read more
7. Laugh more
8. Blog more
9. Comment more
10. Complain less

That is my list - more or less - ha ha.

Happy New Year to all..................


Connie said...

The way you rearranged the furniture looks nice.

I love the snowman with broom. Could you tell me who the designer is? Thanks

Shasta said...

Happy New Year. The arrangement looks great. I did that as well. I love sewing in my living room, and really like that I am using the rooms and my house to its best use rather than what the person who designed it years ago thought it should be. I still have to be careful not to bring down too much, since it does look a mess when I have company!

BrendaS said...

Bonnie --
I love the way you changed the rooms around. You need to do what makes you happy and is functional for you.

Enjoy the new arrangement!


Mary said...

Both the snowmen look so cute! I did cross stitch YEARS ago but now I'm consumed by quilting. Even when I try to add in a little crochet or knitting those projects never seem to get finished.

MB said...

I absolutely LOVE the arrangement! Can't wait to sit in the cozy "nook" (formerly the dining room)!! And actually, when the gals come, that makes their bed sort of "in a room" and not out "in the room". I think it's a win all 'round!

Anonymous said...

I love the new look and think it makes perfect sense .......... Lesley