Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lost and Found Department

While my guests were here, I wanted my cousin's Handy-Man husband to hang my Six Hem Sampler picture in the guest room. I went to get it and couldn't remember where I had stashed it. I looked and looked and looked. For two days I looked. We finally decided that the last time I saw it was when I took a picture for this blog and the picture showed the brown wrapping paper. I must have re-wrapped it and put it away. Everyone joined in the search for the picture wrapped in brown paper. After days of searching, I looked around the Quilt Studio once again and there it was - hanging precariously by a handy nail - out of the way in a temporary (and forgotten) spot. Oops. Very embarrassing.During our many searches for the picture, I also realized that at the same time I had straightened up and put the picture away, I had also put away a white three-ring binder that I had setup to house my Artist's Trading Cards. I thought the two might be together. But after finding the picture, the hunt was on for the white notebook. We searched through every room, every bookcase, every drawer, every closet. It was definitely missing. Then this morning I woke up at 4:00am with an AHA moment. Maybe it wasn't a white notebook - maybe it was blue. So I started searching for a blue notebook. Couldn't find it. After my company left, I searched again and there it was, neatly tucked next to my CD player where I have NEVER before put anything. It is a complete mystery to me why I hung the picture on that odd nail and why I tucked the notebook next to the CD Player.
I bet I don't forget where I stash that box of cookies I bought today at the church cookie walk!

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MB said...

Ah, I have my answer to "Where did you find the binder?"!!! Too funny! Hiding in plain sight all the time!