Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Christmas stuff.....

This beautiful Christmas Cactus plant was purchased a week ago for $2.00. The blooms are so vibrant and lush. While the temperature outside is well below freezing, I can enjoy a wonderful plant from the desert in my cozy warm home.

Among my favorite Christmas quilts are the two below. They are colored with crayons, framed with fabric, and the edges are finished with pinking shears. So easy and so much fun to make.

I hope that you are cozy and warm this Christmas season and enjoying some favorite quilts also.


MB said...

The plant is beautiful! Amazing blooms ... keep warm!! (you and the flower!!) Terry's freezing us out for some reason ... the furnace is set to 60!! YIKES and due to the 13' foot ceilings in the bedroom and closing the door to the bedroom, it got down to 50 in there last night. He thinks it's funny. Oh boy!!! I'm not complaining, much, just bundling up! Hugs from chilly Ohio!

MB said...

Oooooh ... new photo and new decor on the site! Very adorable! Your photo is missing your wonderful smile, however, I have to say it is still a flattering picture. Just makes you look more serious than I know you are!

Where are the photos of the living room?????