Thursday, November 13, 2008

More secret project

This is part of my secret Christmas project. Is it on the front or the back? I needed some trim for part of the quilt and dug around in my "Trim" box. What a mess.
So I took the time to organize and straighten up my trims. Looks much better now.

I've had problems lately doing free-motion quilting. It always looks awkward and it pulls out easily on the back. My friend Lindsay suggested that I play with the tension. I did that today and was pleasantly surprised when just changing the tension from 4 to 5 made a huge difference in how the quilting looked and how much easier it was for me to control the stitching. I still have a long way to go to get good at free-motion, but at least it is more fun to do when it comes out looking decent.
Today I am grateful for -
1. Leftover meatloaf
2. Time to play with sewing and quilting
3. Comfortable and cozy sweatshirts
4. A new journal software program that I am trying.

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