Sunday, November 9, 2008


It is upsetting to me when I look back and see the last date that I posted on my blog. When I began blogging I had every intention of writing something every few days or at least once a week. It seems like the weeks go flying by and I seldom have the time or inclination to post to my blog. I'm gong to earnestly try to change that.

My favorite blogs are the ones that post every day. (See my favorites on the side.) Judy, Mary, Jeanne and Ree are women that I have never met, but I feel like they are dear friends because through their blogs I learn about their everyday lives. Of course there are many other blogs I read and enjoy, but Judy and Mary I especially admire because they get so much quilting done and their work is inspiring. Jeanne I enjoy because she is so honest and spiritual - and does such nice quilting and stitching - and she is the owner of Elvis, my very favorite dog. Ree of course is well known for her wonderful blog about her family and life on a cattle ranch.

Lately my life hasn't been very interesting. So much time is spent in the car driving to and from the nursing home to visit my sister. With that and church activities, there is less time for quilting and other crafts. I much prefer to post about quilting or stitching or knitting than about driving to and from the nursing home.

I did have one day last week when I stayed home all day and had a great time in my Quilt Studio. I wish I could show you what I was working on, but alas, it is for a Christmas present and the recepient would see any pictures I might post. I had a great time though and look forward to another day at home tomorrow.

Last Thursday night I met a friend and we went shopping at a local knit shop. Do I need more projects????? NO, NO, NO. Yet..........I ended up purchasing four balls of yarn on sale and started a plain scarf. Twenty stitches, only knitting. Easy. AND, I can work on it while visiting my sister at the nursing home. Therefore I have gotten quite a bit done already. I can't read a book, or bind a quilt, or answer mail when I'm visiting my sister, but straight knitting on something as portable as a scarf is just perfect. It keeps me happy that I am accomplishing something and I can still visit with my sister to make her long days more endurable.

Today I am grateful for -
1. Pecan crusted tilapia - yum.
2. Friends at church.
3. A recommended book from the library.
4. Sewing and knitting time.

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Jeanne said...

Oh, Bonnie -- thank you for the sweet compliment! I'm not posting as regularly any more either, though. It's hard to come up with entries for a quilting blog when I'm not doing very much quilting :(