Monday, April 28, 2008

Stitching progress

Stitching progress on the LHN Necessities Sampler is coming along and I'm really enjoying the soft colors. Stitching progress on the that is a different story. You would think that with no color changes and a simple Amish-style design, I wouldn't have any problem. Wrong. I kept encountering knots on the back and counting mistakes. I did more ripping out than actual stitching. This is supposed to be relaxing ! ! !
For those quilting friends who read my blog, you may wonder if I am still sewing. Yes, but right now my sewing machines are sitting in my kitchen instead of my Quilt Studio. My friend Lindsay and I are helping the young people at our church make two quilts as a fund raiser. I was too lazy to put the machines back in place after last Wednesday's sewing session. Maybe after this Wednesday night I will have more ambition.

Speaking of the young people at church, they sold environmentally-friendly grocery bags and water bottles this past Sunday. In each bag was a piece of artwork by one of our talented kids. I can hardly wait to go grocery shopping and show off my bright orange bags.

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