Saturday, April 19, 2008

Extra Money

Here is a way to earn extra money.......................... Some how I got on a list of possible people for a focus group on computer games. Oops. An old retired lady like me? Computer games? After many, many questions to me about my age and my computer skills, the interviewing young man was ready to take a chance on me as a part of this focus group. It will be one hour long and I will earn $100.00. Pretty nice fee - especially when my budget is so tight. And if I bring in a collage of what computer gaming means to me, I can have a chance to earn an extra $50.00. This is a picture of my collage with puzzle pieces and Mahjongg tiles - the kind of games I usually play. Unfortunately the picture does not show some of the finer details such as the Swarovski crystals on the clock face.

Will this end up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Not likely. However, it is always fun to play with glue and scissors and paper - and have the chance to make some extra cash in the process!

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