Saturday, April 5, 2008

Retreat Week

After enjoying my cousin's visit this week, I then left for a church retreat. In front of my assigned room was a gift bag containing water, a candle, some snacks, a journal with pen, a gift book, and some cozy sleeping socks. Our accomodations were very nice and comfortable. The food was excellent. The space was perfectly suited to our needs - a meeting room, a chapel, and a coffee room. I had more pictures, but I found out that the place requested "no pictures", so I cropped this picture of my bedroom enough that no one could tell where the picture was taken.
My cousin went home, my visiting cat went home, and now I am all alone again with Mr. Bear.

The week was rich and full and wonderfully enjoyable. I'm planning on making the upcoming week rich and full and wonderfully enjoyable by fitting some sewing, stitching and knitting into my days.

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MB said...

Sounds like Zina did it again ... exceeded expectations!! So glad the retreat was good and you enjoyed it. Is it "lonely" with Ty gone? Want two cats who already love you???? That way I could visit them and Terry would be thrilled they don't live here any more and I'd say a ton of money on cat sitters!!! I'm serious!!! MB