Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progress on Road to Indy

Today's "dreary" weather was the first thing I saw on the front page of the newspaper.It was a good time to do something about brightening up my day. I decided to work on my new quilt - Road to Indy. This is a fuzzy picture of the Electric Quilt print-out of my design.
Since I need 96 half-square triangles, all the same, I decided to take the easy route and use triangle grid paper. All were done in record time.

Now the task of ripping off the paper, ironing each one, and cutting off the corners will be saved to do during a good TV show.

And finally, it was time to begin the process of making the four-patches. A lovely pink and a bright orange helped me forget about the dreary, rainy day outside.

Having sewing time and colorful fabric will always brighten a dreary day!


Toni said...

quilting on a dreary day is perfect, especially with your choices of brights for your new project. Looks like a great start!p

Shelina said...

Those certainly are lovely cheery colors - wonderful to brighten up a day. I love the pattern too.