Saturday, August 21, 2010

Table runner

Sewing was low on my priority list this week as I have been fighting a sore throat and the accompanying lack of energy/ambition that goes along with being sick.

Today though I put together a simple table runner using 5" squares. I had a package of Moda squares in my stash and they worked well for the pattern.

For the backing I think I will use the yellow flower print so that I can use one side for Fall and one side for Spring. The red will be the binding.
This was a good project for a lazy Saturday afternoon.


MB said...

Thank God for your new post ... the spider was creepy and I kept coming back to see if he was gone and no, still there! Hit my other tab lickety-split to stop looking at him!! THANK YOU for posting today!

Caryl W said... sorry you have been sick. I have missed you!! Hope you are feeling lots better soon. What a great little table runner...I like it!!

LouAnn said...

I love that pattern...I think it's the one you bought here...correct?? What's the name...I may have to have it !!!

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Love this easy pattern!! I want to make this one too!