Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy 9 patch - again

Along came a spider.........This big black spider has been appearing in my Quilt Studio day after day in a different spot. I'm much too squeamish to step on it, and besides, stepping on it would leave a spot on the carpet. Picking it up with a paper towel was out of the question. The poor spider wasn't doing anything except sitting there, so I left him alone.

My quilting friends know that one of my favorite patterns is the crazy 9-patch. I took a break from my black and white quilt to make this quick table topper of blue 9-patches, trying to use up some stash fabric.

This wonderful batik will be the backing and the binding.

Oh, and about the spider...............I kept carefully walking around Blackie, and then the phone rang. I went running to answer it. Oops. I turned around and looked. Oh no! I had been so careful all day not to step on Blackie and at a thoughtless moment my big foot ended Blackie's life here on earth. I then had to remove the squished body with a paper towel. Ick.

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Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Hi Bonnie! Oh, I'm so inspired by you! I love the crazy 9 patch too and have made several, but I want to make another one... in blues!!