Monday, August 9, 2010

In progress.......

Since it is hot and humid where I live, the cool basement Quilt Studio seemed a nice place to spend some time today. All the blocks were completed for this black and white quilt when I was on my quilt retreat and now I am slowly sewing the blocks together. The two top rows got sewn today.
I have a great border planned. I'm hoping that my plans are as wonderful when completed as they are in my imagination.

To my family and friends I would like to tell you that any time you see a quilt on my blog that you would like for yourself or for a gift or for a special charity, please tell me. I cannot possibly use all the quilts I make and I am more than happy to give them away. A few years ago I had so many quilts stacked up that my cousin found a women's shelter in Indianapolis where I sent 20 of my quilts. Or if you would like a special quilt made just for you - a certain color or a certain pattern - ask me! If the pattern is too hard for my skills, I might suggest something else. Even quilts I make especially for my house or my beds I would be willing to give away to a family member or dear friend. I can always make more!

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LouAnn said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....I'm catching up....when can I shop ?????