Saturday, January 10, 2009


What do you call the husband of your niece? Nephew-in-law? Well, in my case I call him my Angel. See that beautifully shoveled driveway below? That is my driveway and an Angel came this morning to remove all the snow. My Angel is also handsome, a wonderful husband to my niece and a great father to two fantastic young adults. I know that no one is perfect, but he is getting mighty close.

When I walked back into the house after taking the above picture, my two visiting cats were staring at me. "What on earth is she doing now? Doesn't she ever sit down? And why is she taking pictures out in that nasty snow? She is weird, that's for sure."

Today I am grateful for -
1. Angels in my life.
2. Funny cats
3. The incentive to clean out files today.
4. Neat, organized file drawers.

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MB said...

What a wonderfully snowy front yard! It's still just dead grass in my front yard in Indy. And those cats! They form a heart sitting in that position - adorable!