Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday at home....

Feeling sad today, I decided to post to my blog and remember good things instead of feeling so sad. My sister is back in the hospital again after going from nursing home to hospital many times in the last few months. It is hard watching my dear sister's health decline. I thought I would spend some time remembering good things from my sister. Below are two dolls that my sister made for me. (Behind the dolls is the only quilt I have made by my mother.) My sister has always loved dolls, especially the homemade variety. This is Charity and Polly. My sister also stitched my favorite Bible verse for me.

At church last week, we strung prayer beads as part of a study on prayer. Our pastor strung some beautiful blue beads for my sister and she wears them around her arm. These are my green prayer beads.

My friend Moe has decorated her home so beautifully for Christmas and I will have to admit that I am a little green with envy. I have not decorated other than putting out some Christmas quilts. This one below is a crayon quilt that I made years ago. It was so much fun to make and always makes me smile.

(Note - you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)
Today, although I am sad, I am still grateful for.....
1. A purring cat in my lap
2. Being blessed with a wonderful sister
3. Church friends
4. A room full of fabric - a room full of possibilities

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MB said...

Hey Sunshine ... what a wonderful blog entry on things that are meaningful to you about your sister, your mom and Zina. I hope these help lift you up and I hold you in my heart as always but even more tenderly at this moment. Hugs.