Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still No Quilting

Absolutely no quilting has gotten done lately at my house. No sewing, no stitching, and little reading. I have had a wonderful time enjoying my company (cousin & her husband) and I have been involved in church activities and visiting my sister in the hospital. Now I am trying to get back in a routine, making lists, and planning my days for December.
The visiting cats are sweet and love to curl up together. One day recently I sewed 8 heart buttons on a little quilt and when I was through I realized that all the buttons were upside down. Oops. I was ready to cross that project off my list, but now it goes back on the list. Such is my life lately.

However, I am still grateful for -
1. Family
2. Church
3. Visiting cats
4. Peanut butter pie - (big smile)

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