Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knitting 101

Since I was able to finish all the projects in my home (haha), I decided to start knitting a sweater. Oh how I love retirement. Even though I have a Quilt Studio full of unfinished quilts and a massive inventory of fabric, even though I have hundreds of counted cross-stitch projects waiting to be done, even though I have a whole card-making station virtually unused most of the time, still, in my guilt-free zone of retirement, I have no qualms about starting to knit a sweater! After attending an 80th birthday party for a friend, I walked across the street from the restaurant to check out a little knit shop. Before I knew it I had purchased good wool yarn, a pattern and some Addi Turbo needles. This little shop is service oriented and had me sit down at the center table and knit my gauge swatch. From that swatch they determined which part of the instructions I should follow. I went home well prepared and ready to get going. The shop is also close enough that I can run over there if I run into problems figuring out the sleeve opening or collar. The pattern gives you a choice of mock turtle, full turtle, crew, or V neck. I think I will do the mock turtle.

My family may be taking bets on whether I will finish this project or not. I know I won't get it done in time to wear this winter, but I'm hoping to have it done by next Fall. I'm motivated right now. Will I stay motivated?

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Anonymous said...

So you too have succombed to the knitters' fever? I'm embarassed to admit to how many "active" (semi-retired is probably more accurate) projects I have going...a shawl, a sleeveless vest, scarves...

And then when I do sit down to stare fixedly at the television screen, do I remember to pick up the knitting that is sitting just to the other side of the arm of the chair - well of course not!

And though you don't need to feed other pastimes - there are a whole slew of mysteries that have knitting as a theme...I wonder...if I got the knitting mysteries on tape (or nowadays on CD) would I get farther along with my knitting projects????? - Kim