Friday, February 22, 2008

Color Blend

This quilt on my dining room table was made several years ago. It was a kit I purchased from Love of Quilting and put together on a quilt retreat with my friends helping me place the squares. The colors of gold, blue, bronze and beige look good in my dining room where the walls are gold and I have some blue accents. In the center of the table I have put many centerpieces, but recently I placed these red pieces from a collection I inherited. Even though there is absolutely no red in the quilt, the red pieces look wonderful and blend so well with the quilt. I smile every time I walk by - because I like the colors in the quilt and the wonderful red of the dishes.

One thing I have learned as a quilter - colors that don't match can blend. Try different combinations no matter how bizzare they might seem and you never know what will please the eye and give you a smile.

.......back to my knitting............

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JudyL said...

Beautiful quilt! I'm one of those who loves to put colors together -- whether they blend, match or look awful together -- I love color!