Monday, February 25, 2008


My plan today was to clean off my desk, pay bills, and then do some sewing in my Quilt Studio. Guess what? plan went astray. I ended up arranging my unread books and doing an inventory. These are the paperback books. And these are the hardback books. 83 unread books in all. (I did not count the unread books on the shelves in my living room.)
These are the three books I am currently reading at my breakfast table.

And this is a cozy little mystery I'm reading when I go to bed. Mr. Bear patiently waits for me.

On average, I read a book a week. If the book is a quick read, I might finish five or six books in a month. Therefore I have more than a year's worth of reading, and that doesn't count all the books I get at the library! Is this normal? How many books do you have in your home that you have not read?


Melzie said...

Well LOL books my favorite subject Bonnie! A book changed my life this week (see my blog). I have probably 30 books or so that I havent read at any given time, plus I check about 25+ out of the library every month. I also trade at the used store, but I BUY most that I trade at yard sales and those are scarce just now. Occasionally at thrift stores esp. if they are the trade paperbacks or a popular author. Not really answering your question LOL but I read about 3 books a week+ too so yeah..I get what you are saying ;) xoxo melzie

MB said...

I love the new look of your blog ... and the book story is so true!!! I could shop at home and not worry about library or bookstore books for some time ... but will I? Not likely!!!

Maureen said...

Hi Bonnie!! I love the inventory of your books!! I have an addiction to quilting books mostly, but also doggy books. I don't have much time to read so I read in the car on the way home from work while hubby drives and even though I get car sick I know when to read and when not too....the nice thing is that hubby likes when I read out loud so we can both enjoy the book...oh, he doesn't mind when I read a little of the quilt books to him but mostly he likes the doggy books. I'm sure if he had his choice he'd have me reading something different but since quilts and dogs are what I like that's what I read about. :-) Love your blog!

Maureen said...

I forgot to say that I read about one book a month. :-)