Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Car

Crash. It happened on May 24th. I had the green light and was waiting to make a left turn when a car came the from my left, through the red light, and crashed into my car. The airbags imploded, bruising and burning my right arm. I was scared and thoroughly shook up. I remember crying and saying "Somebody help me."

A nice young man calmed me down and called the police. "There has been an accident involving an elderly woman." WHAT?????? The crash was a shock, but being called an elderly woman was the biggest shock of all. As one of my friends said it was like adding insult to injury.

My car was towed away and so was I - to the hospital. Fortunately I had no other injuries other than the surface burn on my arm and some bruises. No neck pain, no back pain, no broken bones. I'm grateful.

My car though did not make it. It was totalled. I loved that little car - a Honda CRV. The crash pushed the engine back and bent the rails. The cost of fixing the car would have been more than the current value.

While the insurance company was deciding about my car, I drove a little rental car. As soon as I found out they were totalling the car, I started investigating new car deals. Even though I could have gotten something cheaper - or a better deal - I ended up getting another Honda CRV. I like the size, the convenience of being able to haul things, and I like sitting up high. And now I love the fact that the car is heavy enough to sustain a driver side crash without the driver getting hurt!

Oh - and I picked the color green for my car - Tea Leaf Green. Green is my favorite color - green fabric, green paint, green trees, green eyes, green lettuce, and yes, green money.

Is there anyone out there that remembers the movie "The Boy With The Green Hair"? I saw it when I was very young (I'm 68) and had nightmares about it for years. Not because of the green hair, but because the children in the movie were burned out of their orphanage. As a child that was pretty horrific to me.

Oh, I love pea soup too.


Jeanne said...

Ohohoh, sorry about your accident -- so scary!!!
Green is my favorite color, too. I like the name Tea Leaf Green.
Jeanne :)

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad you weren't injured.
Did you get the new CRV? I looked and looked at those earlier this year. I love the color you picked and would be driving one too, but the interior color doesn't work for camping and pets and so I went with a Honda Element. Its much more rugged and a breeze to keep clean. I bought it in Jan. I traded in my 01 civic for it and can relate that being up high is wonderful! Enjoy your new vehicle (I hope this wasn't too long winded!) Julie

Maureen said...

Bonnie, I'm so sorry about your accident! I'm so glad you are ok. I have to tell you that I laughed my butt off at your post though, I'm glad you can see the humor hindsight. Love your new blog. Moe

Pam said...

Bonnie, I found you! When I moved things to my new laptop 8 or 9 blogs came up missing, yours was one of them...glad to have found you again!

My heart was in my throat reading about your accident. I am glad you are ok!!! I think I would have been digging for my cane to beat that man for referring to me as an "elderly woman" LOL

I have moved can find me at you already know I am one of the windy ones, but come visit anyway.


sara said...

Bonnie, I just HAD to create an account so I could comment back to you. So glad you have been able to get into a car you love again. We missed you here.