Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Morning

The absolutely best thing about retirement is Monday mornings. On Monday mornings I have several cups of coffee while I read the newspaper, do a Sudoku puzzle, and read my book. There is no rush to get dressed and no rush to start my day. What a blessing to look forward to Monday mornings.

My doorbell just rang and it was a little girl from next door. "Our ball went into your back yard" she said with a shaky voice. Oh my, do you remember when the next door neighbor's yard was a scary place? I tried to reassure her, with a friendly smile, that it was OK to go into my yard and get the ball. She is the littlest of the neighbor children and got the unwanted job of ringing my bell. She was mighty brave.

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Maureen said...

I love this post Bonnie!! I dream of the day I can look at Mondays like that too! Your little neighbor was extremely brave. I remember those days too, something so silly as a ball in the yard, being frightened to ask. Why were some neighbors so ornary! The kids now know you're the Friendly Neighbor for sure. The only time I've objected to the kids is when they stole the mail from my box!! Moe