Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And they said it couldn't be done

The fireplace in my home is a stone facade and lacked a mantel. Recently I went to a fireplace store and asked about having a mantel or shelf put on my fireplace. When I told them it was a stone fireplace the unfriendly male clerk told me, "Can't be done," and he walked away.

Then my cousin's husband offered to spend a few days at my house doing handyman jobs. On my list, of course, was the challenge to mount a mantel or shelf on the fireplace.

With a much skill and a little thinking outside the box, he was able to install a shelf, center it, and make it level. Beautiful!

Now I can display my china dogs and my favorite covered bridge painting. At Christmas, I can hang a wreath and place garland, candles and stockings on the shelf.

(Please sing along.....) It's so nice to have a man around the house....


mb said...

Well done you guys! It looks great and so does the mantel! That Terry guy is hot!!

Hugs to you both ... MB

Maureen said...

That's fabulous Bonnie, I know you'll enjoy your mantel. Moe