Wednesday, June 27, 2007


When I day-dream, I'm energetic, thin, and usually a writer, or some sort of artist, or musician, or public speaker. In real life, I'm somewhat lazy, overweight, and do not have the discipline to write or create or practice or keep my voice from quaking.

Come into my office and you will find many notebooks - journals started and abandoned, memory notebooks half full and abandoned. BUT - this year (so far) I have kept a daily journal right on my desk and faithfully enter a few lines for each day.

For several years I did "morning pages" (per Julia Cameron of "The Artist's Way" fame) and felt that it really helped me be more energetic. It was a half-hour committment every morning. That half-hour is now spent reading the newspaper.

I try to keep three blogs going, my daily journal entry and an e-mail to my cousins every night with two gratitudes & a summary of my day. It is my form of being a writer. My form of being an artist can be seen on my other blogs (quilting and counted cross-stitch) and my form of being a musician can be seen Sunday mornings when I sing in the choir. As far as public speaking goes, I make a great audience!

Do you journal?

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Maureen said...

Hi Bonnie, First I have to tell you that I read each of your blogs and love everyone of them! You are very talented and constantly inspire me. I too imagine myself as a writer some day....and I do faithfully journal, I always have. I have a daily journal that I jot down thoughts of the day; a dream journal because my dreams are so vivid; and a coincidence journal because so many things happen to me that I can't explain. And I do go back and read my journals occasionally too!