Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Today I put my tree up.
(OK, OK, so it's a little itty bitty thing - it's a Christmas Tree!)

I also put out these two place mats that I started two years ago and finally finished today.

Of course good old St. Nick (made by Lindsay) was hung in the place of honor in my living room.

A woolie made by Moe  -

a quilt made by Melanie -

and a 12 Days of Christmas quilt (made by me) -

and a Scentsy warmer with the Nativity scene
complete most of my Christmas decorating for 2010

(Just love that Silent Night Scentsy warmer! ! )


1 comment:

MB said...

Love the tree! It's adorable!! I want one!!! And your warmer is gorgeous! The "trees" one that I got for Lulu and me is just a regular style and not this "see-through" cut-away. It's gorgeous. And I have your quilts out and it makes Christmas for me because of the joyful pattern and colors. THANK YOU!!!