Thursday, November 12, 2009


Confession - I get very jealous of the bloggers who make bread. I love the smell of baking bread because I was brought up in a home where my mother always baked bread. We had fresh rolls at dinner time, fresh biscuits with strawberries in season, sweet lemon bread, and savory cheese bread. Mom also made the best scones - savory and plain - almost like baking powder biscuits.

When I purchase scones at grocery stores or bakeries, they are always sweet and almost cake-like. They are not at all like the kind my mom made - where we devoured them fresh and hot out of the oven, slathering them with butter.

A Scone cookbook that I recently purchased from Amazon had a recipe for peanut butter scones. Since peanut butter is my most favorite of all foods, I decided to give this recipe a try.

First a disclaimer - I am NOT a baker or a bread maker. I don't understand the chemistry, nor do I know enough to be certain that the batter is the right consistency. So, when the batter was very gooey and the recipe called for me to roll it out with a rolling pin, I knew that something was wrong. There was no way I could roll it out, so I kind of just smashed it down on the counter, divided it up with a knife, and globbed portions onto the baking sheet. I thought for sure that it would be a huge failure. This is how the globs baked up:
Not too bad looking. And the insides had the right consistency.
The taste is OK, but a little too sweet for my taste. I think I will try making these again, with more flour perhaps, and less sugar definitely.

Time to go make a cup of tea and plan my next attempt at baking.

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MB said...

Have you redone your scone experiment? These look delish!!!