Monday, November 2, 2009

Is it an age thing?

See the red arrow pointing down to the box of tissue? See the arrow pointing up to the paper taped to the side of the cabinet? This morning as I reached for a tissue, I looked up and there it was! The invitation.
Yesterday there was a shower for my grand niece for which I knitted a baby blanket (see previous post). (Side note - someone asked me how long it took to knit the blanket and I looked it up. I started it on July 19th and finished it on October 31st. Did I knit on it every day? No. ) OK, back to my story. Last week when I looked on my messy desk for the invitation, I could not find it. I cleaned off my desk, I looked in my highly organized Pending file. I looked in my highly organized Pending notebook. I looked in my highly organized Save This box. I simply could not find that invitation. Then I started thinking that maybe I never got an invitation. I was helping with the shower (centerpieces) and there had been many emails, so maybe no one ever sent me an invitation.
At the shower (which was great!), I almost said something to the hostess, in a kidding fashion of course, about not receiving an invitation. Fortunately I kept my mouth shut.
Imagine my surprise this morning when there it was - highly organized and taped to my office cabinet wall. Now I remember doing that and thinking I was so clever - using my cabinet wall like a bulletin board.
That means that now when I am looking for something I need to look in the Pending file, the Pending Notebook, the Save Box, AND the bulletin-board wall. Am I too organized, or is it my age?


MB said...

The Pending Wall ... sort of like the wall on FaceBook maybe?? Need to organize the organization of your organized life! Endless possibilities ... oh wait, that's the problem. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Love it Bonnie!!! Wonderfully written story! Enjoyed it!